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New books in chemistry, materials science, technology

Advanced methods and applications in chemoinformatics : research progress and new applications / Eduardo A. Castro and A.K. Haghi, editors
QD39.3.E46 .A38 2012

Boron science : new technologies and applications / [edited by] Narayan S. Hosmane
QD181.B1 B676 2012

Challenges in green analytical chemistry / edited by Miguel de la Guardia and Salvador Garrigues
TP155.2.E58 C45 2011

Chemical genomics / edited by Haian Fu
QH438.4.C45 C45 2012

Chirality from dynamic kinetic resolution
QD481 .P455 2011

Climate change, ecology, and systematics / edited by Trevor R. Hodkinson … [et al.]
QC981 .C628 2011

Computational mechanisms of Au and Pt catalyzed reactions
QD181.A9 C66 2011

Contemporary computer-assisted approaches to molecular structure elucidation / Mikhail Elyashberg, Antony Williams, Kirill Blinov
QD461 .E47 2012

Dynamic force spectroscopy and biomolecular recognition / edited by Anna Rita Bizzarri, Salvatore Cannistraro
QD96.M65 D96 2012

Fundamentals of digital image processing : a practical approach with examples in Matlab / Chris Solomon, Toby Breckon
TA1637 .S65154 2011

Graphene : synthesis and applications / [edited by] Wonbong Choi, Jo-won Lee
QD341.H9 G695 2012

Green organic chemistry in lecture and laboratory / edited by Andrew P. Dicks
TP155.2.E58 G765 2012

Group theory for chemists : fundamental theory and applications / Kieran C. Molloy
QD455.3.G75 M65 2011

Handbook on applications of ultrasound : sonochemistry for sustainability / edited by Dong Chen, Sanjay K. Sharma, Ackmez Mudhoo
TP155.2.E58 H365 2012

Homogeneous catalysts : activity, stability, deactivation / Piet W.N.M. van Leeuwen and John C. Chadwick
QD505 .L448 2011

Human and nature minding automation : an overview of concepts, methods, tools and applications / Spyros G. Tzafestas
TA167 .T9 2010

Inorganic electrochemistry : theory, practice and application / Piero Zanello and Fabrizia Fabrizi de Biani and Carlo Nervi
QD553 .Z36 2012

Inorganic, polymeric and composite membranes : structure, function and other correlations / edited by S. Ted Oyama, Susan M. Stagg-Williams
TP159.M4 I56 2011

Intermolecular and surface forces / Jacob N. Israelachvili
QD461 .I87 2011

Kinetics of chemical reactions : decoding complexity / Guy B. Marin and Gregory S. Yablonsky
QD502 .M345 2011

Laser-material interactions at micro/nanoscales : symposium held April 25-29, 2011, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. / editors, Yongfeng Lu … [et al.]
TA1673 .S967 2011

Magneto luminous chemical vapor deposition / Hirotsugu Yasuda
QD591 .Y37 2011

Microfluidics : technologies and applications / volume editor, Bingcheng Lin with contributions by S. Basuray … [et al.]
TJ853.4.M53 M544 2011

Modeling and simulation of heterogeneous catalytic reactions : from the molecular process to the technical system / edited by Olaf Deutschmann
QD505 .M624 2012

Modulation of like-charge attraction by lipid and protein functionalized silica microparticles / by Yupeng Kong
QD549 .K926 2010

Organic syntheses based on name reactions : a practical guide to 750 transformations / A. Hassner, I. Namboothiri
QD262 .H324 2012

Particulate materials : synthesis, characterisation, processing and modelling / edited by Chuan-Yu Wu, Wei Ge
TA418.78 .U13 2011

Photocatalysis / volume editor, Carlo Alberto Bignozzi with contributions by B.D. Alexander … [et al.]
QD716.P45 P43 2011

Rare-earth doping for advanced materials for photonic applications – 2011 : symposium held April 25-29, 2011, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. / editors, Volkmar Dierolf … [et al.]
TA1520 .S967 2011

Selective nanocatalysts and nanoscience : concepts for heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis / edited by Adriano Zecchina, Silvia Bordiga and Elena Groppo
QD505 .S45 2011

Single-ion solvation : experimental and theoretical approaches to elusive thermodynamic quantities / Philippe Hünenberger and Maria Reif
QD543 .H86 2011

Solid state NMR / volume editor, Jerry C.C. Chan
QD96.N8 S62 2012

Supramolecular photochemistry : controlling photochemical processes / edited by V. Ramamurthy, Yoshihisa Inoue
QD708.2 .S87 2011

Supramolecular soft matter : applications in materials and organic electronics / edited by Takashi Nakanishi
QD880 .S87 2011

Sustainable chemistry / editors, G. Reniers, C.A. Brebbia
TP155.2.E58 I58 2011

The hydrodynamics of gas-liquid reactors : normal operation and upset conditions / B.J. Azzopardi … [et al.]
TP157 .H93 2011


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New chemistry books

In situ analysis of aqueous structure and adsorption at fluorocarbon, hydrocarbon and mineral surfaces / by Adam Justin Hopkins
QD509.S65 H67 2010

Supramolecular coordination chemistry of phosphorus, arsenic, antimony, and bismuth with organothiolates / by Virginia May Cangelosi
QD878 .C35 2010

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New Chemistry book

See other recent new titles in Chemistry

Theilheimer’s synthetic methods of organic chemistry = Synthetische Methoden der organischen Chemie
QD262 .T47

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Chemistry books, databases, and a contest

New books | Databases | Knovel Contest

New books

New chemistry books, databases, and other information sources in the Science Library for Chemistry are listed in the Science Library blog. You can subscribe to the blog for updates via email or RSS feed.


A reminder that in addition to print titles, the library is purchasing e-books, and has purchased the Springer Chemistry and Materials Science book collection for 2011. New titles are added on a regular basis as they are published. These books can also be found via the normal catalog search.
• Titles in Springerlink with a green box are accessible to the UO

Database News


The site license for CrystalMaker has been renewed. If you already have the software installed, you’ll just need the new license numbers to continue access. The license information is in the ‘Course Reserves’ in the Science Library, and can be checked out for 4 hours. You’ll Just ask for the CrystalMaker disks for your operating system, Mac or Windows.

If you haven’t yet installed the software, you can also bring a thumb drive (or check one out from the Science Library) and staff can download the software directly to your thumb drive. It takes about 5 minutes.
» more about CrystalMaker and its components

  • Installation and use of this database is restricted to faculty, staff, and students of the University of Oregon.
  • CrystalMaker will be installed/updated on Science Library computers in the next week.

Cambridge Structural Database

The Libraries recently purchased access to the Cambridge Structural Database(CSD). DVDs and instructions are now available for you to check out from the Science Library so you can install the software on your computer. The software can be checked out for up to 24 hours, for Linux, Mac, or Windows.
» more about CSD and its components

  • Installation and use of this database is restricted to faculty, staff, and students of the University of Oregon.
  • CSD will be installed on Science Library computers in the coming weeks.

Knovel University Challenge

Looking for a way to get students more involved with online information resources for research?

Knovel is running its University Challenge 2011. “Students can solve 3 problems using Knovel for a chance to win an iPad 2, cash prizes and lots of other really cool stuff.”

For details, go to either of the collections we’ve subscribed to:
Knovel Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Collection
Knovel Nanotechnology Collection

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New Chemistry Books

Catalysis in electrochemistry : from fundamentals to strategies for fuel cell development / edited by Elizabeth Santos, Wolfgang Schmickler
QD569 .C38 2011

Colloids and the depletion interaction / Henk N.W. Lekkerkerker, Remco Tuinier
QD549 .L45 2011

The laboratory companion : a practical guide to materials, equipment, and technique / Gary S. Coyne
QD53 .C69 2006

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New Chemistry books

Chto mogut nanotekhnologii? / K.︠I︡U. Bogdanov
T174.7 .B64 2009

Families of metastable misfit layered compounds prepared by modulated elemental precursors and the resulting physical properties / by Colby Luke Heideman
QD921 .H419 2010

Luminescence applied in sensor science / volume editors, Luca Prodi, Marco Montalti, Nelsi Zaccheroni with contributions by A. Accetta … [et al.]
QD96.L85 L86 2011

Neutron protein crystallography : hydrogen, protons, and hydration in bio-macromolecules / Nobuo Niimura, Alberto Podjarny
QD905.2 .N55 2011

Organometallic chemistry
QD410 .O73

The fragment molecular orbital method : practical applications to large molecular systems / edited by Dmitri Fedorov, Kazuo Kitaura
QD461 .F795 2009

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New Chemistry books

Amino acid and peptide synthesis / John Jones
QD431 .J623 2002

Chemistry of opioids / volume editor, Hiroshi Nagase with contributions by S.N. Calderon … [et al.]
RM328 .C44 2011

Chirality at the nanoscale : nanoparticles, surfaces, materials and more / edited by David B. Amabilino
QD481 .C545 2009

Chirality in transition metal chemistry : molecules, supramolecular assemblies and materials / Hani Amouri and Michel Gruselle
QD172.T6 A44 2008

Copper amine oxidases : structures, catalytic mechanisms, and role in pathophysiology / edited by Giovanni Floris, Bruno Mondovì
QP603.M6 C67 2009

Energy production and storage : inorganic chemical strategies for a warming world / editor, Robert H. Crabtree
TP359.H8 E54 2010

Hyperbranched polymers : synthesis, properties, and applications / edited by Deyue Yan, Chao Gao, and Holger Frey
TP1180.D45 H97 2011

Ion-pair chromatography and related techniques / Teresa Cecchi
QD79.C4 C35 2010

Multiphase polymer- based materials : an atlas of phase morphology at the nano and micro scale / Charef Harrats
QC173.4.P65 H367 2009

Organophosphorus chemistry
QD412.P1 O65

QD601.A1 P46

Physical electrochemistry : fundamentals, techniques and applications / Eliezer Gileadi
QD553 .G55 2011

Precision crystallization : theory and practice of controlling crystal size / Ingo H. Leubner
QD921 .L48 2010

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